Word Sorts 9 To 13 Educational IPad App

Word Sorts 9 To 13 for the IPad is available at the App Store HERE.


The third in a series, Word Sorts 9 to 13 consists of 435 word sorts customised for the fourth and fifth stage of spelling development – Syllables and Affixes, and Derivational Relations. These stages are generally suited to students aged nine or over. In this extensive app, you will find a range of word sorts for: contractions, plurals, adding 'ed', adding 'ing', adding 'ion', syllable rules, silent letters, hard and soft 'g' and 'c', compound words, homophones, homographs, common prefixes/suffixes and word derivations. Word sorts take a variety of forms, including some standard sorts and some mystery sorts (letters missing). Students are both scaffolded and challenged as they progress through the word sorts. This app builds on from Words Sorts 5-7 and Word Sorts 7-9.